Charleston Belle Tours

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About Charleston Belle Tours

Take a guided tour with Charleston Belle Tours and learn more about the rich historical background of Charleston. We don’t just provide entertaining facts; we also reveal the city’s secrets and scandals—including its history of slavery—that have been swept under the rug. Get in touch with us in Charleston, South Carolina to book a tour.

About the Owner

Our owner, Kimberly Billups, has always been passionate about sightseeing and historical tours. She used to work as tour guide for a mansion house in Savannah, Georgia. It was a part-time job that turned into an enduring passion. Later on, she dreamed up something different—dressing up and going into character.

Kimberly has done her homework researching historical Charlestonians and their lives. Going deep into the past, she has studied every relevant subject, from high society to slavery. She is very passionate about sharing these things, having grown up as a child in the South.

Fighting for the First Amendment

Charleston Belle Tours has stood up to the local government of Charleston in a lawsuit that challenges its ordinance that regulates who can give tours in the city. "The controversial ordinance restricts who can share information and tell stories in the city as a tour guide,  which violates the First Amendment."

With our continued efforts, we were able to successfully bring change upon a city that was not willing to honor the First Amendment. Our fight has been covered and featured in a number of news outlets across the country, including CNBC Squawk Box, CBS, PBS, ABC, Associated Press, and various newspapers.

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